Auto Lens Edger Set

Auto Lens Edger Set

MODEL: OPT - EC 3200 Auto Lens Edger Set

Style: Pattern - less
Material: Glass, CR39, Polycarbonate,
high Index Lenses
Function: Grooving, polishing and
Maximum lens size: 90mm
Maximum display lens size: 110mm
Scan time: ≤20s per lens
Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Grinding wheel diameter: o100mm
Display: 6.5’ LDC
Water supply: Circulating pump
Dimension: 50 × 485 × 330mm2
Weight: 100lbs
Power: AC110v ~ 240v 50 / 60Hz


• User - friendly colour LCD panel
• Flexible and versatile
• Built - in - Tracer: high speed and high accuracy 3D tracing
• Wilder grinding wheel and auto chamfering and grooving
• Frame memory: the patterns can be stored, so it improves efficiency, saves time and storage space

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