MODEL: OPT - Hand Held Tonometer

Opti Pro Hand Held Tonometer OPT - 500:

With vertical and horizontal two working modes, wireless output data. The equipment is used to measure intraocular pressure, using the principle of: the probe hits the surfaces of different hardness at a certain speed, has different reaction when the probe rebounds. Be of advantages of high accuracy, portable, without anaesthesia, without the cross - infection etc.


• Measuring Range: 3mm Hg~ 70mm Hg:
• Measuring Error: ± 1.5mmHg (25mm Hg< Intraocular pressure≤ 25mm Hg); ± 2.5mmHg (25mm Hg< Intraocular pressure≤ 70mm Hg);
• Measurement can go along both in standing and lying posture;
• Wireless data printing
• Easy to learn, easy to use
• Lightweight and handy;
• No anaesthesia, avoiding discomfort reaction.

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