Retinoscope with Ophthalmoscope Head

Retinoscope with Ophthalmoscope Head

MODEL: OPT - YZ24B Retinoscope with Ophthalmoscope Head

• The filament can be rotated 360 and move upward and
• Quickly and precisely measures the astigmatism axis
• The light can be converged, radiated and paralleled
• Continuously adjustable brightness
• Convenient quick recharging
• Anti - recharging and anti - discharging function protects
the battery.
• Can be connected with the head of ophthalmoscope

• Working Distance: 0.67m
• Streak: 3 - 20mm
• Illumination Source: 3.5V / 2.8W Halogen Bulb
• Streak Rotation: 360
• Input Voltage: AC220V± 22V/ 50Hz± 1Hz
AC110V± 11V / 60Hz± 1Hz
• Power (Main Body) of Ophthalmoscope:
Li + battery pack DC:3.7V

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