Lens Polisher & Finer

Lens Polisher & Finer

MODEL: OPT - Acuity Plus Lens Polisher

The Acuity Plus Polisher and Finer offers a number of options and user benefits, making it the most flexible cylinder polishing machine on the market. A sophisticated yet user - friendly and highly economical optical laboratory tool. It generates exceptionally accurate lenses by selecting the best lens processing times and pressures in accordance with the specified lens material: CR39, polycarbonate, hi - index or glass. This degree of precision is supported by a mechanical design providing optimized fining and polishing orbits.

• Simplifies the process of producing free - form lenses to work on smaller equipment
• Provides an affordable opportunity to process free - form lenses with reduced start - up equipment costs
• Custom and exact free - form curvature through the patented Coburn disposable lap technology
• Scientifically designed, developed and tested specifically for Coburn free - form generators and cylinder machines including Acuity Plus and CMX50 products


LaunchpadTM is an innovative entry - level free - form processing technology that allows for morecost - effective polishing of free - form lenses by eliminating the need for larger free - form polishers. The proprietary, patent - pending material configuration of Launchpad combined with Coburn’s patented disposable foam lap allows for free - form polishing on a traditional cylinder machine. It is now possible for anyone to enter the world of free - form lens processing without being barred by the
prohibitive start - up costs.

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