Lens Polisher

Lens Polisher

MODEL: OPT - Cobalt DP Lens Polisher

The new COBALT - DP lens polisher high speed soft - tool is part of the new Cobalt high- volume production system for free - form and traditional RX lenses. The Cobalt surfacing process leaves the final polished lens optically clear (virtually haze - free) without the need to apply hard coating for optical clarity and produces better surfacing (cut & polished) Free - form lens results than any other free-form surfacing system in the industry.

The COBALT lens polisher utilizes 4 Axis of motion control when other optical polishing machines use only 3 Axis, providing the user with the ability to control, move, and manage the lenses with greater speed, accuracy and variation (almost infinitely) than any other system. This gives COBALT the ability to change how it polishes during the process. Pair with the COBALT - DS lens generator or other compatible free - form surface generators.

• Only 2 soft tool laps needed for polishing complete range of lens curves: 1 for 80% of range, 1 for remaining 20%.
• Variable axis control which allows for more precision and customizable control of polishing process.
• Haze - free polishing process that produces crystal clear lenses after polishing with no coating required to remove haze.
• Isolated polishing chambers which can polish 2 one - eye jobs of different materials at the same time
• Widest available soft - tool curve range: 0 to -14D, 6D Cylinder, 6D Prism.
• Pair with COBALT - DS generator or other compatible free - form polishers.

Single 230V, 10A

INCH= 40” x 40” x 71”
MM= 1020 x 1020 x 1810

2 spindles with 4 axis control
( Osolated polishing chambers)

Acublock & Pin - Style
(Onyx - BondTM & Alloy)

Curve Range:
0 to - 14D, 6 cyl 6 prism

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